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As a customer of the Art Apprentice Online our free reference photo gallery is available for your enjoyment. Browse through the library with over 8,000 color photos featuring a wide variety of subjects.

Benefits of Reference Materials

  1. Paint what you see...Not what you think you see.
  2. If your goal is realism or else, get to know your subject matter.
  3. Gain access to a world you haven't actually visited.
  4. Able to render correct perspectives.
  5. Gain easy access to your subjects from within the studio.
  6. Gain detail close up information.
  7. Good Color Reference.
  8. See your subject in it's natural habitat.
  9. Experience different climates.
  10. Experience different lighting conditions



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Conditions of Use

  1. If you paint or create artwork from these photographs, please credit the Art Apprentice Online as your source for reference material.
  2. Photographs may not be shared on the internet via blogs, websites or other electronic means without special written permission from the Art Apprentice Online.
  3. Digital or printed photographs from this collection may not be sold and are for personal use only.
  4. Paintings created from these photographs may be sold as a single painting, but not mass produced by any electronic printing format.
  5. Dirivitive works may be created by combining one or more images.


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How to Paint with Reference Photographs

Refer to our beautiful floral reference photos to render details accurately!

Reference Photos are a great source of inspiration.

Study the effects of light on your subjects - Watch for the subtle changes in color and value.

Reference Photograph

Each photograph suggests different moods - Study them to find the mood you want to create!

Reference Photographs

Landscapes - Choose from a wide selection of unique landscape images offering a variety of interesting textures to paint!

Reference Photographs

Wildlife and Animals

How close can you get to most animals? Use our reference photographs to capture details and characteristics.

Reference Photographs

Lake Country

Waterways, rivers and lakes are always fun to paint. If you dont have access to this type of scenery, our photos are sure to help you!

Reference Photographs

Color! Color! Color!

Reference photos offer a great opportunity to capture Mother Nature's palette in all her glory!

We can never tire of painting flowers can we?