Wall Art...

It will brighten up any room in the home, create a conversation piece, dictate a room's color scheme and keep you up to date with popular trends and styles. It can also give you loads of opportunity for amazing DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. With a little structure and guidence...Your own Wall Art will grace your home!

Artistically speaking...

Creating Art and DIY Home Decor, the two seem to travel hand in hand and bring out the creativity in all of us. Today we can change our artwork to add a fresh face to DIY home décor. An endless selection of mass produced wall décor can be found in just about any department store or decorating outlet. We can even buy artwork at the local hardware store. We can shop for art to match the sofa and the bathroom tiles...it can fill the empty space in a hall way, or front entrance. We can even buy art to go along with the changing seasons of the year!

When it comes to style, everything goes, and that's a good thing.

Wall art décor can be anything we can safely hang on a wall. No longer needing an expensive frame to showcase the work, wall art is as simple as an unframed gallery canvas that hangs on a tiny nail. Buy it, hang it, change it. It’s that easy to do. There’s really no excuse for bare walls, or boring rooms, or at least that's what the mainstream retailers are telling us! For less than a few dollars, a grand statement can be made. For those of us who are creative and enjoy doing it ourselves...here is another way we can go...DIY. Yes, do it yourself! Join the DIY's and get creative with us.

I painted that! - You too can be proud to say, "I painted that" when you learn to paint artwork you'll want to show off. Our teachers can help you learn just about any subject there is. Here's a sample of a still life painting class taught by artist and instructor Sue Pruett. Sue walks you through every step for painting transparent glass. The great thing is that you can learn when ever you have time, from whatever location and you have unlimited access to your classroom via the internet.

How to paint transparent glass for still life painting by Sue Pruett, MDA

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Today artists are creating stylish Wall Decorations to go with any color scheme. The mainstream furniture colors lean towards a neutral palette, with muted colors. We can make contemporary wall art to add a pop of color, texture and interest to bland rooms. And you'll be proud to say, I made that.

Mixed Media Wall Art for DIY's

Take pride in hanging original art, made with love and attention to color and detail. Made by you!

Wall Art for Home Decor - Mixed Media classes at Art Apprentice Online